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Beverage trendwatching panel

What are the fastest-growing beverage categories and which consumer trends are successful firms tapping into?
Get the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not from Howard Telford at Euromonitor, branding expert Simon Thorneycroft, Califia Farms CEO and industry veteran Greg Steltenpohl, new sports beverage brand KRā, Gabe Nabors from Ohio-based retailer Mustard Seed Market, and attorney Ryan Kaiser to find out which beverage categories are growing, what consumers want, how retailers view the category, how to build a beverage brand and stand out on shelf, and how to avoid legal hot water…

  • Gabe Nabors
  • Gabe Nabors
  • Director of Marketing & Category Management
  • Mustard Seed Market and Café
  • LinkedIn Gabe Nabors


High-protein, low-sugar, consumer-preferred: creating the beverages consumers want now.

Today’s consumers are checking beverage labels for higher protein, lower sugar content, and clean and simple ingredients.
They want nutrition, but, above all, they expect an enjoyable drinking experience.
Gain insights into consumer expectations, the sugar reduction and protein trends, and learn about in-demand natural sweetener options, innovative plant proteins, and ways to incorporate, stabilize and protect proteins through the shelf life of your winning products.


Discover the Whitespace: Plant-Based Fermented Beverages

Consumer demand for both plant-based and fermented beverages is soaring because these products are perceived as natural and healthy alternatives to traditional beverages.
DuPont Nutrition& Health has created a unique way to combine plant-based and fermented beverages – opening a novel category in today’s competitive beverage market.
Join our webinar to discover a unique and versatile beverage base that can be customized for any consumer preference or need.
Attendees will learn about the landscape of plant-based and fermented beverages, how they intersect, and critical considerations for commercial success in this growing area.

  • Jason Mueller
  • Jason Mueller
  • Application Specialist, Beverages
  • DuPont Nutrition & Health
  • LinkedIn Jason Mueller


Keynote: Soylent… where next?

One of the most exciting players in the fast-growing meal replacement space, Soylent built its business – and a highly engaged community – online, first on its own website, and later on Amazon, but has recently ventured into the bricks and mortar space via a deal with 7-Eleven.
But it hasn’t all been plain sailing for the brand, which has both intrigued and baffled trend-watchers, given that its sterile packaging and utilitarian ‘food as fuel’ approach appears to fly in the face of the culinary trend towards ‘minimally processed’ whole foods that are inherently nutritious rather than fortified with nutrients.
New CEO Bryan Crowley explains where the brand is going next…